Welcome to Bakery in A Box!

Hi! I'm Chiara, Italian living in the lovely village of Bishop's Cleeve, in the heart of Cotswold. Since I moved here from my farmhouse in Florence, Tuscany, I have been planning to open a bakery to bring to the UK all the flavours that have accompanied my entire life and the recipes that my grandma and my mum used to teach me when I was a little girl.

My experiments in the kitchen start was I was very young, probably around six... I was lucky to spend lots of time in the kitchen with my nonna (grandma) and every time she was putting her apron on and getting ready to prepare something delicious, I was there, willing to help and learn all the secrets! From fresh pasta with the most sublime sauces all the way to desserts and every type of baked goods, there was so much to do and experiment on!

The first recipe I learned to make all on my own was the traditional Tiramisú with my family recipe: mascarpone cheese, light sponge biscuits, dark chocolate, fresh eggs and sugar... simple yet delicious! It is still mine and my family's favourite dessert although now we love to make it with different flavours as well like a fresh strawberry version in summer or a cake version which you can also find in my Piccole Torte collection.

From those early days I've been cooking and baking a lot :-) for family, friends, colleagues, always dreaming of one day opening my own little bakery and share the things that I love and I do best. So here I am! I have put together a selection of sweet and savoury treats all with Italian flavours, that are perfect to enjoy as a daily treat or to share with your loved ones. They are all in small portions, so you can taste more than one with no guilt. There are also Specialty Boxes where I have combined different treats to celebrate all your daily success and special occasions. And there's my beloved Sunday Patisserie where I have group together those little sweet specialties that are part of my childhood, when my dad would stop at a local patisserie before our family lunch and by a tray of these little sweet jewels. Hope you like them as much as I did!

I couldn't left out a selection of Biscotti, my favourite Tartlets & Crumbles, and some Sweet Fette, perfect for your daily cravings!

During the year, I will also bake some Seasonal Specialties, from mini Panettone and Croccante at Christmas time, to little Colombe and Frittelle to bring to you a little piece of Italy!

Just browse between the different products, choose your favourite treat and... enjoy!!!