It's Gnocchi time! A simple recipe for the perfect winter comfort food!

In Italy, we say "giovedí gnocchi" which literally means "gnocchi on Thursday" and this because according to ancient traditions Thursdays' meal were supposed to be richer and more filling to compensate the less rich meals that people were having on Fridays... Well, gnocchi are a great dish, perfect for every day of the week! And there are so many different types! The classic ones are made with potatoes and flour but today I want to give you the recipe for Gnocchi alla Romana, a recipe originally from Rome, that I made at the weekend. It is super easy and requires very few ingredients. Let's get started!

Ingredients (for 6):

250 gr Semolina Flour (you can find it easily in any supermarket)

100 gr Butter

100 gr Parmesan Cheese, grated

1 lt Milk

2 Egg yolks

40 gr Pecorino Cheese, grated (if you cannot find it, just use more Parmesan Cheese)

Nutmeg and Salt to taste


Pour the milk in a large pot, add 30 gr of the butter, a pinch of salt and nutmeg and wait until it starts to boil. Now pour the semolina flour all at once and start mixing quickly with a whisker to avoid the formation of crumbs. Cook it for a couple of minutes, until it starts to thicken, then turn off the heat and add the egg yolks and mix them with a wooden spoon. Add the Parmesan cheese and mix until well incorporated.

Prepare two squared piece of parchment paper. Pour half of the mixture onto one sheet and roll it to form a long sausage (the diameter should be approx. 5 cm). Wrap it in the parchment paper, close the sides and place it in the fridge. Do the same with the remaining mixture. Leave the dough in the fridge for 20-30 minutes or until you are ready to cook the gnocchi.

Remove the dough from the fridge and cut it in slices 1 cm thick. Place the disks in an oven pan (I use a ceramic pan for better results) and overlap them slightly. Melt the remaining butter and pour it evenly over the gnocchi. Now add the grated Pecorino (or Parmesan Cheese). Heat the oven at 180° C fan and once ready, place the pan in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Then turn the oven to grill and bake for another 4-5 minutes watching it so that it doesn't burn. It needs to get a nice light brown crust over the edges of the gnocchi.

And voilá! Your Gnocchi alla Romana are ready to bring to the table.

Enjoy your Gnocchi and let me know if you like them!