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Hi! I'm Chiara, the baker behind Bakery in a Box.

Since I was a little girl, I was intrigued by everything related to cooking and baking and

desperate to learn every secret from the expert hands of my loving nonna.

I was born and raised in Florence, Italy, in a typical Italian family, where cooking doesn't only mean "making food"; cooking means taking care of those you love, it's a form of love towards

your family and friends.   


My love for baking has grown over the years and have inspired me to create new recipes

and to learn the best techniques to create delicious sweet and savoury treats that

I love to share with family and friends, and now with YOU!

Using only the finest ingredients and taking inspiration from traditional Italian recipes, I bake

"to order" a wide selection of homemade treats to celebrate your everyday successes - because there is always something to be happy for - and any special occasion. You will find biscotti, cakes, tartlets, sweet fette and classic patisserie, all in small portions... all of the pleasure with none of the guilt!

Plus there are also Specialty Boxes for your Afternoon Tea Italian Style, your Picnic,

your Sunday Brunch, for your kids School Treats or

for the perfect gift for your loved ones!